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Drunk driving crashes can lead to criminal and civil cases

Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day are right around the corner. These holidays often involve massive parties that can include alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, this means that drivers might get behind the wheel while they are impaired. This could lead to crashes that claim innocent lives or cause injuries to people who were just going about their normal day.

Drunk drivers can cause devastating crashes

As the spring break season nears, it is imperative that all partygoers take the time to find a safe way home. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to do this. Drunk drivers pose a risk to everyone on the roads around them. Wrecks involving impaired drivers can be very serious. In some cases, these drivers are going faster than the speed limit. Some might drive the wrong way on the road, which can lead to a head-on crash.

Alcohol-related crashes can devastate innocent victims

With the Super Bowl just a few days away, people are going to head out to parties for the big game. But before going out, they must ensure that they have a safe way home. Without having a designated driver or some other way to get home after drinking, people might be tempted to drive home drunk. This is problematic because it is a fully preventable risk to others on the road.

Hit by a drunk driver? You have legal options

Drunk drivers don't have any business being out on the road. Wrecks involving these drivers are fully preventable, but people who have been drinking often think there isn't anything wrong with them and that they can make it home without incident. For the innocent victims of these crashes, the situation is often so infuriating that they have to do something. One option that you have is to seek compensation through a claim for damages.

How to spot a drunk driver before a crash

You know that drinking and driving get worse at night and on the weekends. You also know it's a serious threat during the holiday season. Unfortunately, you can't help but drive during this time, so you decide you're going to be vigilant and look for drunk drivers, hoping you can spot them before an accident happens.

Victims of drunk driving crashes should demand compensation

As the holiday season approaches, people will be heading out to parties to celebrate. Many of these are going to include adult beverages. This means that anyone on the road has to be aware that drunk drivers might be near them. Unfortunately, even the safest driver might fall victim to a drunk driver's negligence.

Civil claims are possible after drunk driving accidents

Drunk driving crashes are serious matters because they are preventable in all circumstances. With all of the public service announcements on the matter, there really isn't ever an excuse. If you are struck by a drunk driver, you might decide that having them go through the criminal justice process isn't enough. You might opt to seek compensation through the civil court system.

Too many people die at the hands of drunk drivers

Far too many innocent people die in drunk driving crashes each day. In this country, there are nearly 29 people who die daily due to intoxicated drivers. While the number of fatalities has been decreasing over the last 30 years, the rate is still too high.

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