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Pedestrian accidents are a serious problem that must be addressed

Pedestrian accidents are a huge issue in this country. These accidents have seen an increase in fatalities in the most recent data from 2013. It is important that Connecticut municipalities and motorists do what they can do to help keep pedestrians safe while they are walking on the roadways and sidewalks.

Bicyclists can suffer extensive injuries in a crash

Bicyclists have the freedom to enjoy the open road and venture into places that motor vehicles can't go. When the bicyclist is sharing the road with motor vehicles, mutual respect and attention to safety is required to help keep the person on the bicycle safe. Bicyclists who are involved in accidents with motor vehicles can suffer from grave injuries, including brain or spinal cord injuries.

Child pedestrian accidents in Connecticut

Whether Connecticut residents have children or not, they generally recognize that the youngest members of our communities are the most precious things we have. They are our future, our innocence and they continually remind us to live in the moment and enjoy life as best we can. In honor of all children, who give us so much by authentically being themselves, we want to use today's blog post to remind Connecticut drivers of the need to be cautious when children are present on the roadway.

Driver safety advice for Connecticut residents

Driving is dangerous even when we are careful to follow the rules of the road and even when we're attentive to what is happening around us. Therefore, drivers need to do everything they can to prevent an accident. By following the pieces of advice in this article, Connecticut drivers can really do a lot to improve their safety -- and the safety of their passengers -- when they take to the road.

Is it time to inspect my car's brakes?

Here we are in the middle of April, also known as Brake Safety Awareness Month, and it is virtually guaranteed that millions of drivers in Connecticut and the rest of the United States are driving their automobiles even though they have brakes in desperate need of repair. The fact is, brakes are an essential element of safe driving and individuals with brakes in disrepair are at all times at risk of getting into or causing an injurious or fatal car crash.

Avoiding bicycle accidents in Connecticut

Connecticut bicyclists truly enjoy the best of multiple worlds. They save money on gas, they get to enjoy the fresh air of being outside, they stay healthy and, at the same time, they have a lot of fun riding their bicycles withe friends. However, bike riding can be dangerous and many a Connecticut cyclist has unintentionally lost his or he life after getting into a traffic accident. This article will discuss a few important safety practices that can help cyclists avoid getting into a crash.

Child pedestrian accidents

It is vital for Connecticut drivers to be on a constant lookout for small children on sidewalks street corners, and anywhere else they are likely to be present. That means drive at an appropriate speed, obey traffic laws and put your cellphone away so you are not tempted to update your Twitter or Facebook feeds while operating your vehicle. Keeping your eyes on the road and being a cautious driver is essential if you want to avoid causing a horrific pedestrian crash with a child.

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents demand firm action

Motor vehicles are heavy machines that offer the occupants various protections in the event of an accident. Pedestrians and bikers don't have those protections, so when they are hit by a motor vehicle, the injuries can be very severe. In some cases, these accidents can be fatal. We know just how devastating pedestrian and bicycle accidents can be for the victims. With that in mind, we work hard to seek compensation for their injuries.

Hits to the head in an accident can lead to a concussion

Pedestrians and bicyclists who are struck by vehicles will often hit their head when they are thrown to the ground. When that occurs, there is a chance that they will suffer from a concussion. While some people might think of a concussion as a mild injury, they can actually be quite serious.

Vehicle versus bike or pedestrian accidents require investigation

Bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents that involve a motor vehicle are some of the most devastating accidents that occur. The reason for this is simple -- pedestrians and bicyclists don't have the extra protection of a vehicle keeping them safe if they are struck. Instead, the vehicle that strikes them makes direct contact with the person. The person can then fall and strike the ground. We have seen the devastating effects of bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents that are caused by a motor vehicle driver.

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