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Connecticut driver charged in fatal car crash

Authorities recently charged a 21-year-old man in connection with an Aug.24 accident. He is charged with first and second-degree manslaughter, assault in the second degree and operating a motor vehicle under the influence. Additional charges filed are distracted driving, using his cell phone and driving left of center. Connecticut authorities say the man was on his cell phone and impaired at the time of the car crash.

In this case, it was not alcohol Connecticut authorities say the man consumed, but some sort of drugs. The investigation revealed the man drifted into oncoming traffic into the path of an SUV. The driver of the SUV did not have enough time to avoid colliding head-on with the impaired driver. One person suffered fatal injuries at the scene and another person suffered serious injuries. A third person suffered a leg injury described as minor and a fourth person’s injuries were minor.

The current condition of the seriously injured passenger is not known at this time. When the driver believed responsible for the crash was arrested, his bail was set at $350,000. Whether he bonded out was not reported.

If prosecutors secure a conviction for a crime connected to the car crash, the conviction may be used as evidence in any related civil action. The family of the deceased may seek monetary relief for the expenses and pain and suffering sustained because of their loved one’s death. Further, the seriously injured victim may file a personal injury claim in an attempt to recover current and future medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering in addition to any other damages sought.

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