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  • Bicycle Accident - Structured Settlement
    Injury: Traumatic brain injury to child.
    Recovery: $1,020,000.00 (structured settlement present value)
  • Motorcycle Accident - Pre Judgment Attachment
    Injury: Multiple Fractures and Death of Spouse
    Judgment: $1,000,000.00 Pre-judgment attachment granted
  • Automobile Accident - Mediation
    Injury: Nerve impairment syndrome resulting in substantial disability to the right arm.
    Recovery: $800,000.00
  • Construction Accident - Mediation
    Injuries: Construction Accident - multiple fractures of the hip and nerve damage.
    Settlement: $750,000.00
  • Drunk Driver Accident - Settlement
    Injuries: Fracture of ankle with surgery and hardware (ORIF)
    Settlement: $650,000.00
  • Workers Compensation - Settlement
    Injuries: Impairment of both lower extremities
    Settlement: $651,000
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Stamford Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

A quick reminder about steps to take after a car accident

When you are in a car crash, you are likely going to be shaken up. You need to have a plan in mind to handle the aftermath of a crash before the accident so that you can remember that plan once you have a few moments to gather your thoughts after the crash.

One of the first things that you can do is to give yourself a quick check to see if you have any signs of an injury. Also check on other people in the crash. From there, you will know which emergency services you need to request when you make contact with 911. If anyone is injured, you should get the emergency medical services sent out. Of course, police need to be sent out.

Pedestrian injuries are a horrid ordeal after a car crash

Pedestrians shouldn't have to worry about their safety just because they need to walk around town. Instead, drivers should make sure that they aren't doing things that put people who are walking at risk. We understand that you might not have any option except walking, which makes you suffering an injury such a horrid ordeal.

The impacts of a pedestrian accident can resonate throughout your entire life. Your ability to get around might suffer since you might not be able to walk around like you need to. You might have trouble getting to work or being able to support yourself. All of this is a tragedy when you need to live life.

Pedestrians must be extra careful during the winter months

The snowy and icy season is here, which means that it is time for people who walk around to be very careful. Pedestrians face some very specific and unique risks that aren't present during other times of the year.

One risk that anyone walking needs to remember is that they might slip and fall. In some cases, this could be deadly. Think about the devastating course of events that would occur if you fell right into the path of an oncoming car. You might suffer catastrophic injuries that could claim your life.

Safety sensors can give a false sense of security

Many new vehicles come with safety sensors that can help prevent accidents. These sensors are set to work optimally in good weather; however, you will have to make a plan to keep them clean when the roads are nasty.

The automatic emergency braking system and forward collision warning system have sensors you need to keep clean. These systems rely on sensors that are usually mounted on the front of the vehicle. You have to make sure that these sensors don't have ice buildup or road grime. They must be clear if they are going to sense obstacles that would require the vehicle to stop.

Everyone should watch for motorcycles

Now that the cold weather is creeping in, you might think that people aren't going to be riding motorcycles any longer. This is alarming because there are many who will still choose to get out and ride until the roads are simply too unsafe for these two-wheeled vehicles.

Motorcycle crashes are almost always going to be very serious. Motorcycle riders can suffer serious injuries that can include having body parts amputated, injuring the spine or having a serious brain injury. All of these can lead to major changes for the remainder of their lives.

Your safety doesn't only depend on your actions

No matter where you drive, you are likely going to come across semitrucks along the way. Driving safely around these vehicles is imperative so that you can make it home safely. The ability to remain safe isn't always up to you. This also depends on the actions of other drivers, including the trucker.

We understand that you didn't try to get into the crash. Most people wouldn't ever want to experience the horror of having a semitruck slam into their vehicle. The physical injuries that come along with this event are more than what you might be ready to deal with.

Be wary of driving near tank trucks on the roads

Tanker trucks are important because they help to get liquid cargo where it needs to be. Things like gas and milk couldn't really be transported any other way. Still, tanker trucks are a serious danger to all vehicles around them because of the risk of liquid surge.

Liquid surge occurs when the liquid in the tank move front-to-back or side-to-side. This can occur as the trucker is driving, accelerating or stopping. There are several different ways that liquid surge can be minimized, so it is imperative that truckers operating these rigs understand how they are impacted by various types of driving.

Working through the aftermath of a car crash

Nobody is every fully prepared to be involved in a car accident. Even if you have great insurance, you might find that the financial impact is much greater than what you expected. This is something that can be troublesome.

There are several things that you need to think about when you are involved in a car accident. One of the primary concerns that you have to think about is getting the medical care that you need. The initial care might be easy to obtain because emergency rooms must offer stabilizing treatment without regard to ability to pay or insurance coverage.

Get ready for the wintry roads in Connecticut

The winter season brings a lot of challenges to the people of Connecticut, but most people are ready for it. One thing that needs to be given special consideration is the road conditions of the area when there is snow or ice.

Being prepared for being stranded is necessary in the winter weather. Before you head out in the first snow of the season, make sure that you are ready.

Injured motorcyclists have many concerns to address

Even though the weather is getting nippy, motorcyclists are still out on the roads. This means that other drivers must continue to watch for them in an effort to keep the bikers safe. When other motorists on the road don't do their part, innocent motorcycle riders can end up with serious injuries. Some of these injuries might be fatal.

For the injured motorcyclist, the immediate concern is likely going to waiver between their physical injuries and the damage to the motorcycle. Both of these are likely going to cost the biker money, which quickly vies for the spot of primary concern.

John LaCava has done a more than excellent job representing me in my personal injury law suit. His thorough and caring manner had me completely at ease throughout the process and gave me full confidence in my representation. I would highly recommend him to anyone going through the kind of painful accident I experienced, as the attorney who will ensure that your case is taken care of in a truly professional and very experienced way. - Patt Cartolano
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