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Why is drowsy driving on the rise?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Car Accident

Many dangerous driving behaviors are unfortunately on the rise lately. But one stands out above the rest: drowsy driving. This often slips by in the wake of more obvious dangers, like intoxicated driving. But it is often just as deadly.

In fact, some experts suggest it is even more deadly than other risky driving. Despite this, cases involving drowsy driving continue to rise. Why do experts believe this is happening?

Increasing frequency of drowsy driving

Sleep Foundation takes a look at just how dangerous drowsy driving often is. As they answer this question, they also discuss the prevalence of drowsy driving. Several factors contribute to its frequency. For one, anyone who survives driving drowsy once will try it again. After all, it creates a false feeling of safety. The more times you drive drowsy without anything happening, the more tempting it is to keep doing it.

Next, drowsy driving sometimes feels like a “necessity”. Of course, there are ways to get a ride to where you need to go without risking drowsy driving. But people do not always have the time or money to consider them. This means drivers end up hitting the road when exhausted to get to work or school on time. In fact, 40 percent of drivers in a survey admitted to driving drowsy in the last month.

Lack of laws addressing drowsiness

Finally, police cannot do much to combat drowsy driving currently. There is no way to test for drowsiness as one might do with alcohol. There are also few visible signs of drowsy driving, unlike texting while driving. Thus, drivers often do not get caught unless their drowsiness causes them to drive recklessly. In other words, drowsy driving will likely continue to rise while there is no way to crack down on it.

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