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New Haven man killed in motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists in Connecticut no doubt enjoy the feeling of freedom experienced when riding their bikes on the state’s roads and highways. With that enjoyment, however, also comes the realization that they often must be extra vigilant in avoiding collisions with other vehicles.

Those riding motorcycles are already disadvantaged when it comes to the protection (or lack thereof) their bikes afford in an accident. In addition, the small size of their bikes often makes them difficult for motorists to see. However, these factors do no absolve motorists from also having a role in accident avoidance.

SUV collides with motorcycle in New Haven

One can see the devastating results of a motorist failing to fulfill this role in the outcome of a recent accident in New Haven. According to, local authorities responded to a call of a collision between an SUV and a motorcycle on Whalley Avenue and East Ramsdale Street. They arrived to find the motorcyclist involved in serious condition. Despite caretakers’ efforts at a local hospital, he died from injuries suffered in the accident. Alcohol apparently played a role in the accident, evidenced by authorities charging the driver of the SUV for driving under the influence.

Civil liability alongside criminal justice

One might think that in a case such as this (where the party responsible for an accident faces criminal charges stemming from it), those affected must wait until criminal proceedings play out before they can seek a liability claim. Yet law enforcement officials understand that an accident victim’s expenses often will not wait for a criminal case’s resolution. Thus, civil and criminal cases related to the same matter can occur simultaneously.

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