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The dangers of distracted driving on pedestrian safety

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Car Accident

For many Connecticut area drivers, distractions and operating motor vehicles go hand-in-hand. Some motorists regularly engage in distractions while behind the wheel, even though the behavior is unlawful. 

Unlike motorists who have the protection of their vehicles to help shield them in motor vehicle collisions, pedestrians rarely have any protection to help buffer the impact of collisions and help them to avoid serious injuries. They may also make mistakes or use distractions themselves, which increase the likelihood of them becoming car accident victims. To improve road safety and lessen the number of dangers of pedestrians, motorists should review the following ways driving distractions impacts pedestrian safety. 

Reduces response time

To maneuver their vehicles safely and in accordance with traffic rules and regulations, drivers must remain fully alert and able to avoid hazards. Distractions impair their ability to respond to rapidly changing driving and road conditions. Many accident hazards are avoidable when motorists are fully aware of them and can take proper evasive actions in a timely manner. 

Lowers ability to recognize hazards

Distracted motorists cannot spot potential hazards in time to avoid them. Driving conditions are dynamic, meaning conditions can change in the blink of an eye. Drivers must be able to anticipate and identify issues that can impact overall road safety so they can make sound driving decisions. 

Increase in driving errors

Drivers who are under the influence of distractions are more likely to make mistakes or critical errors. They are also more likely to panic and experience confusion when presented with dangerous conditions that develop suddenly leading to poor judgment calls and distracted driving motor vehicle accidents. 

Pedestrian safety requires drivers and people to act responsibly and logically. Pedestrians should pay attention when walking, especially near roads and other areas with motor vehicles. Motorists should avoid distractions and follow all laws while operating their vehicles cautiously to keep pedestrians safe. 

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