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What do you know about the many effects of a drunk-driving crash?

After your recent encounter with a drunk driver while traveling Connecticut’s roads, you feel shaken. You have a legal case against the irresponsible driver, but do you understand the extent of your case? 

Absolute Advocacy explores the mental, physical and emotional impact of drunk-driving accidents. While your body only sustained minor injuries, the same may not apply to your mental and emotional health. 

Physical effects

Have a doctor examine you for delayed injury symptoms that may take a while to appear. You could have a traumatic brain injury, which you may have trouble identifying on your own. Other common injuries associated with car crashes include those to the knees, chest, spine and legs. If these parts of your body sustained harm, ask a physician if you should anticipate ongoing pain. 

Emotional effects

You must monitor yourself for more than physical injuries after a car crash. If others were in the vehicle with you during the accident and sustained injuries while you did not, you may experience misplaced guilt. Survivor’s guilt may occur when a person survives a collision while others in the vehicle do not. You may also feel rage at the drunk driver who injured you or other passengers. 

Mental effects

Do you think you may have post-traumatic stress disorder because of the crash? Common PTSD symptoms include trouble sleeping, irritability, feeling emotionally numb, trouble focusing and nightmares. You may startle easily after the incident. Pay close attention to how you feel about getting back into a car, as you may experience distressing memories of the accident. 

By checking in with your mind, body and emotions, you understand how deeply the drunk-driving collision affected you. Understand the worth of your legal claim. 

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