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Man sentenced to prison for fatal car crash

Accidents happen, but striking a person with a vehicle – then backing up over him and leaving the scene – is incomprehensible. The victim in this case died, but the family may have finally gotten a bit of closure when the driver, a 32-year-old Connecticut man, received a sentence of five years in prison and another five years of probation.

The fatal car crash occurred in August 2012 when the 30-year-old victim and his wife were traveling on Interstate 95. The car suddenly stopped running, but they were able to get the car off the highway. When the man opened the hood, he was struck by the defendant. The man then stopped, backed up the car and ran over the man again, killing him.

The man’s wife yelled at the driver for help. Instead, he sped off to avoid being caught. He ended up getting in another accident, this time with another vehicle. The driver turned himself in to police two days later. He pleaded guilty evading responsibility and second-degree manslaughter.

A hit-and-run accident – especially when someone is seriously injured or killed – can result in serious penalties. The driver was reckless and negligent in his actions and will now spend the next five years in prison. It is hopeful that he will learn how to behave more responsibly.

There is nothing the negligent driver can do to bring the victim back; however, the family has a right to pursue compensation for their loved one’s wrongful death. Hopefully, the family of the victim can find some sort of closure and move forward now that the driver is behind bars.

Source: Connecticut Post, “City man gets five years for fatal crash” Daniel Tepfer, Jan. 23, 2014

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