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Man in horrific truck accident is cut out of car and lives

A man in Connecticut almost lost his life in an accident on I-95, but the responding teams were able to cut him out of his small SUV, which had re-ended a semi-truck. Surprisingly, the man lived to tell the tale.

This was a truck accident that truly looked fatal to those driving by the scene, with the shorter SUV destroyed and wedged under the back of the semi. The truck was so high that it allowed the SUV’s nose to slide below it, shattering the window and ripping into the cabin of the vehicle. In order to get the man out, the firefighters who came to the scene had to cut off the roof and doors. The man was partially conscious the entire time. It took an hour and a half, but then they were able to pull him out and get him to the hospital.

Officers said that the man’s head was just inches away from the back end of the tractor-trailer, where he was pinned. If he had gone any farther, he would not have made it.

Exactly what caused the accident is still under investigation, but the truck was parked on the side of the highway when it took place. The driver was sitting in the cab and could do nothing to avoid the SUV as it came up behind the truck. The SUV hit the snowbank first, but it did not push the vehicle back into the lane, and then it hit the truck.

What led to the SUV’s being on the shoulder in the first place is unclear as of now, but all drivers have a a right to injury compensation if they are involved in an accident that is not their fault, especially with mounting medical bills. Should either driver be found at-fault for the accident, their injuries and damages could be the subject of a civil suit seeking compensation for their losses.

Source: CT Post, “Man cut out of car on I-95, survives” John Nickerson, Mar. 08, 2014

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