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Car accident kills Connecticut teen, injures 2 others

A teenager died in a Connecticut vehicle accident that left two other young residents injured. Authorities report that the 18-year-old Bolton High School senior died in the one-car crash, which was reportedly caused by the 20-year-old driver. A 16-year-old passenger was also seriously injured in the car accident, according to initial reports.

Authorities say that the driver, a former Bolton High student, crashed into a grove of trees on Route 85 on May 10. The decedent was pronounced dead on site, while the other two victims were taken to nearby Hartford Hospital. The late-night accident happened at about 1 a.m., when the driver lost control of the vehicle and struck a tree. The car then ran into another tree before finally skidding to a stop some 40 feet from the road. The cause of the accident is still not clear, and authorities have not indicated whether the driver was intoxicated or speeding at the time of the collision. An investigation is ongoing in the matter.

Area educational administrators say they are deploying their crisis management team to help students access the counseling resources they need in the wake of this incident. Educators, community members and counselors have been trained to help discuss such tragic events. The school is striving to maintain a relatively normal routine even after this unfortunate incident.

The driver in this collision was seriously injured but not killed. That means that he may be vulnerable to both criminal and civil actions in Connecticut courts. Family members of the injured and deceased teens may be eligible for financial compensation from the at-fault driver, who may be required to pay for the catastrophic injuries he caused in the car crash.

Source: The Hartford Courant, “Bolton High School Student Killed In Crash” Ken Byron and Matt Sasso, May. 14, 2014

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