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Motorcycle crash kills 78-year-old; drug intoxication blamed

A Connecticut man is facing serious criminal charges after he allegedly killed a man in North Branford. The driver, age 22, is accused of causing the motorcycle crash when he rear-ended the 78-year-old victim’s vehicle. That younger man is accused of drug-related offenses, and officers believe that he may have been intoxicated on a variety of substances at the time of the collision. The defendant is also accused of vehicular manslaughter and negligent homicide, among other violations.

Authorities say that the driver struck the victim from behind while both were traveling on Route 80 on May 11. The two vehicles were both traveling west when the accident occurred. It appears that the younger driver may have been following the older motorist at a very close distance, which caused him to ultimately strike the rear end of the motorcycle.

Investigators say they are still working to determine the exact cause of the accident. Witness statements are being solicited from local law enforcement agencies. Officers reportedly spent several hours reconstructing the crash; news reports say that a dark vehicle was seen at the scene with damage consistent with that described by authorities.

The at-fault driver in this case is facing a set of serious criminal charges for his role in the motorcycle accident. That man has been released after posting a $100,000 bail, and his next court date is scheduled for May 20. Although the defendant is facing criminal violations, he could also be subject to civil claims in connection with the victim’s catastrophic injuries. Such a negligent driver should face severe penalties for his poor decision-making, especially since he got behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Source: New Haven Register, “Madison man faces charges in North Branford crash that killed motorcyclist” No author given, May. 12, 2014

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