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Investigation started into car accident in Plainfield

Collisions on roads can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes, a car accident happens because one driver has a moment of not fully keeping their attention on the road and other cars around them. That seems to be the case when one car hit another Saturday morning.

The accident happened at approximately 9:47 a.m. by the intersection of Norwich Road and Dow Road in Plainfield, Connecticut. Response was swift and included Killingly Ambulance, American Legion Ambulance, the Plainfield Fire Department and the Plainfield Police Department. Police officers said that that everyone involved was still in their cars when they arrived and gave some details about what happened.

They said that the driver of one of the vehicles, a Kia Amanti, had been going northbound on Norwich Road. The driver, 58, gazed to her left at a house that was for sale. At that moment, two vehicles were coming to a stop at the Dow Road and Norwich Road intersection in front of her.

Her Kia hit one of them, a Pontiac Vibe. The Pontiac Vibe then hit a black Honda Accord. These collisions resulted in several individuals suffering injuries.

The driver of the Kia was one, and the driver of the Pontiac, 31, was another. Also injured were the passenger in the Pontiac, 40, the passenger in the Kia, 71, and another person, 20. All were treated at a local hospital for their injuries.

The case points to how critical it is for drivers to pay attention to their surroundings, especially other vehicles and people. When a car accident does happen, those injured will want to not only get proper medical but determine their legal options as well. Medical expenses and lost wages can quickly put an injured into a financial crisis. Seeking compensation for these and other damages may help make the situation easier to handle.

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