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Columbia crash send 2 to hospital

The section of Route 6 that passes through the Columbia area in Connecticut can get very busy. Commuters and families can crowd the road during its busiest times. Because of this, it is critical for drivers to be aware of their surroundings. This holds especially true of paying attention to other vehicles, whether those vehicles are going the same direction or the opposite direction. Otherwise, a serious car accident can happen.

Such and accident recently occurred on Route 6, with two cars crashing head-on in an especially intense collision. In addition to the effect on the cars, Route 6 had to be briefly closed to traffic. The closure gave authorities the opportunity to respond and assess conditions at the scene.-

It also allowed the drivers to be transported to the local hospital. One was taken by LifeStar and one by other transportation. Once at the hospital, their injuries were attended to by medical professionals. Those injuries have been called “non-incapacitating”, so the drivers managed to escape more serious personal injury.

The first driver, 42, is based in Windham. She was near Roses Bridge at the time of the accident and was traveling westbound on Route 6. However, a car traveling east crossed into the first driver’s lane, causing the collision. The second driver, 49, is based in Mansfield.

Both women had broken legs, and were treated for those at Hartford Hospital. The second driver also had a chest injury. It was she who was transported by LifeStar.

In this case, both drivers were injured. Yet, the facts clearly indicate that the second driver caused the collision by going the wrong direction in the westbound lane. In other cases, the causes may be less clear. An experienced attorney can help anyone in a Connecticut car accident sort out the details in their case.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “2 Hospitalized After Route 6 Crash in Columbia” Jessie Sawyer, Jul. 11, 2014

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