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Car accident in Connecticut injures trooper

When a vehicle is parked, the last thing the occupant expects is to be hit by another vehicle. Regrettably, that does happen sometimes, when the vehicle in motion veers out of control. It happened recently in Middletown, Connecticut. The car accident happened around 10:30 a.m.

At that time, a Connecticut State Police trooper was in his cruiser on the northbound side of Route 9, parked in the left lane. He was on duty at the time. The cruiser’s emergency lights were on, and the left lane had been closed for highway construction, according to information released by the police.

A vehicle driven by a North Haven resident, 42, was going northbound on Route 9. Suddenly, the vehicle turned into the left lane. When it did, it struck the cruiser of the trooper.

The trooper suffered injuries to his neck and head. He was treated for those injuries at nearby Middlesex Hospital. After being treated, he was released. The driver of the vehicle that hit him was not seriously injured. However, he was determined by the police to be at fault for the accident. The investigation is still ongoing.

The police cruiser that the trooper had been in sustained heavy damage. The other vehicle did as well. It is not known if they will be usable again after repairs are made, or if they’ll be out of commission.

In this case, fault seems clear, and charges are pending against the driver that hit the trooper’s cruiser. The trooper may want to pursue legal options. Anyone who finds themselves in a Connecticut car accident can get help from an experienced attorney.

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