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Car accident results in child fatality

Every time people are injured on Connecticut roads, it is tragic. It strikes many as particularly tragic when young children who have their whole lives before them are the ones seriously injured or killed. That was the case recently in a car crash in Waterford.

The collision resulted in the death of a toddler. The toddler, 2, had been a passenger in one of the vehicles. The vehicle he was in was driven by a woman, 25, and was the first to be struck. The woman suffered head injuries.

A man in the passenger seat, 26, suffered serious injuries to his neck, back and head. He was taken to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital and treated there. Another passenger, 9, also suffered serious injuries and was treated at the same hospital.

The first crash happened at approximately 7 p.m. at exit 81 on I-95. It occurred when a tractor-trailer driven by a man, 60, hit four cars. This resulted in a chain reaction, with those cars hitting other cars. In total, seven people had to be taken to the hospital, including the man, girl and boy in the first car. Efforts to help those hurt included having one of the victims taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital by Lifestar.

In this accident, many people were hurt, and those involved will want to make sure that their injuries are fully addressed. Of course, the child who lost his life is the primary victim, and the family is undoubtedly grieving. Those involved in a comparable car accident in Connecticut will also want to address their medical needs and may want to look at their legal options in consultation with an attorney.

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