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Connecticut car accident results in death of toddler

Any car accident is unfortunate, since it will at least be a fright and inconvenience to those involved. Of course, the worst ones are those in which there is not only damage to vehicles but injuries to individuals as well. If there is loss of life, the tragedy is compounded even more. That was the case in a recent car crash where an innocent toddler was killed.

The crash happened in Granby, Connecticut, on Route 20, on Oct. 9. The toddler, 14 months old, was a passenger in the car driven by his father, 24. After suffering injuries in the crash, the toddler was taken to Hartford’s Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. He stayed there until he died of injuries from the crash. His father is in Hartford Hospital, and is reportedly in stable condition.

The father and child had been going eastbound on Route 20. Their vehicle collided with a westbound armored truck. The two occupants of that truck were treated at the same hospital and released.

The exact nature of the child’s injuries have not been released to the press, except to confirm that they were severe enough to cause death. Specifics about the father’s condition, aside from being stable, have also yet to be released. Since the two occupants of the armored truck were treated and released so expediently, it is presumed that their injuries were relatively minor since they didn’t warrant a longer stay in the hospital.

In this case, fault has yet to be determined, with no charges filed to this point. Like any such incident, it will be under investigation. Connecticut residents in other car accidents will need to establish the facts in their own cases, and explore their legal avenues with the help of an attorney.

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