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DUI charges filed in school bus driver crash

Many parents are nervous sending their children off to school. They want them to be happy, safe and to make friends. It is heartrending when their fears are realized and their children’s safety is compromised. This happened recently when a driver of a school bus smashed it into a utility pole.

The driver, 52, hit the pole with the bus at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 10. One parent was waiting by Quarry Road where it happened. The parent was going to put their child on the bus when it stopped. Instead, the bus smashed into the pole.

The crash was serious, and four students that were already on the bus were injured. The driver was immediately suspended by the transportation company she worked for. They launched an internal investigation and then formally dismissed her. They also issued a statement calling the event deeply regrettable.

Willimantic, Connecticut, police launched their own investigation. As a result of that, the driver has now been charged with driving under the influence, risk of injury and possession of a controlled substance.

The driver’s license has already been revoked. After being arrested, she posted bond, but will need to have a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles if she wants it to be reinstated.

According to police, the driver underwent medical testing at Windham Hospital the morning of the accident. Police say the result of that testing showed that she was under the influence. They declined to give details about the substance or substances she under the influence of.

The families involved in this case may be looking into their legal options. Families in comparable driving under the influence cases may want to look into their legal options as well with the help of an attorney.

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