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Hero mom saves 2 from burning wreck in Connecticut

Great moms across the country do a lot, from developing their own successful careers to spending quality time with their children. Sometimes, however, a mom does something so extraordinary that it makes front page headlines and electrifies the nation in a tale of heroic bravery. This happened recently in a Connecticut car crash.

The crash happened in Durham on Route 68 Wednesday afternoon. A Middletown woman was driving on Route 68. When she got to the Route 157 intersection another car turned left in front of her. The two cars collided, damaging both vehicles and endangering the lives of both drivers.

Fortunately, however, a Wallingford mom was on the scene. She saw the crash unfold and immediately put her car into park, jumping out and racing directly towards the fiery crash site. She saw smoke billowing out and knew that the danger to everyone was great.

The drivers, both women, didn’t get out of the cars right away. One started to half-stumble out, but clearly needed help. The Wallingford mom helped that driver to safety and with the smoke from the damaged vehicles rising higher, the mom then went back into the danger zone to get the other driver.

That driver was dazed, confused and screaming because of the pain of her injuries. Oil dripped from her car, catching fire as it hit the ground. The danger was growing every second.

In that very moment, the mom reached into the second car and physically pulled the driver out, getting her away from the crash site. Mere minutes later, the vehicle burst into flames.

Although many traffic accidents don’t involve heroic rescues like this one did, most do have injured victims. Anyone injured in a car accident should seek out help from an experienced attorney.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Wallingford Mom Rescues 2 From Fiery Durham Crash” Ari Mason, Nov. 19, 2014

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