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Connecticut hit-and-run accident leads to arrest

Anytime that there is a serious car accident in which people suffer injuries, it rightly draws the attention of the public. Those who hear about it are concerned about the victims and also about their own safety as well, since they may plan to drive on the same roads. When there is a car accident in which a fatality occurs, it draws even more attention, with a bright spotlight by the media on the incident. If there is one thing that can compound the tragedy still further, it is when the person responsible for it flees the scene without helping, as is the case in a recent hit-and-run.

The victim in the case, 51, had been driving a Subaru Outback with her 11-year-old son. A BWM X3 hit her from behind. When that happened, she lost control of her car and ran into a nearby tree. The woman died, but her 11-year-old son survived.

Police investigated, watched video footage and interviewed witnesses. They got a list of BWM X3s that were registered in Bridgeport. That led them to the home of a corrections officer, and they left their card on her door.

She called them later that day, acknowledging that she had been in the area of the accident at the time it had happened. She also said that she had checked herself into Saint Vincent’s Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation. Police inspected the correction officer’s car and matched paint particles on it to the car that was hit. The woman now faces charges.

Car accidents often involve injured parties seeking redress for legal grievances. An attorney can help those in car accidents to build a case.

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