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Police question woman in hit-and-run car accident

On Dec. 4, a 51-year-old woman was killed in Bridgeport, Connecticut, after she lost control of her Subaru and crashed into a tree. The woman’s 11-year-old son was also in the crash and is expected to recover from his injuries.

Bridgeport police released video footage that shows a BMW X3 SUV crash into the Subaru several times, which is what led to the victim losing control. The police also said that they were able to locate the vehicle allegedly involved in the accident. They seized the vehicle because it had damage that was consistent with the crash.

The State Police Crime Lab and the Bridgeport police are working to examine the vehicle. The Bridgeport police have also questioned the owner of the BMW twice. While the woman, who is a corrections officer at the Community Correctional Center, admitted to being in the same area at the time of the crash, she says she was not involved. She has not returned to work since the day of the crash. She was hospitalized after the crash.

Hit and run accidents can devastate a family, especially if the identity of the driver is never known. However, if a driver is located, the injured party or the family of an injured party can file a civil suit against him or her in order to seek compensation for a variety of claims. A criminal conviction is not needed in order to proceed with a civil case; however, a conviction can add more power to a civil case. To learn more about how to seek compensation, contact an experienced Connecticut personal injury attorney.

Source: CT Post, “Corrections officer questioned in fatal hit-and-run crash” Daniel Tepfer, Dec. 17, 2014

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