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8-year-old struck after 2-car accident in East Hartford

An 8-year-old boy was killed after being struck by two cars when they were involved in an accident on Burnside Avenue in East Hartford. The boy was walking home from a park on April 17 around 5:55 p.m. when he was hit. Although he was transported to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, he later died from his injuries on Friday, April 17.

Both drivers who were in the accident are facing motor vehicle violations and may face further charges after the completion of an investigation that the East Hartford Police Accident Reconstruction Team is continuing to work on. Police state that both drivers remained at the scene after the accident when the boy was struck.

Although there will not be a ruling in the accident until the investigation is complete, residents in the neighborhood have reportedly speculated that the accident was due to the two cars speeding on the street, which narrow down from a two lane road to a one lane. Drivers allegedly speed up to pass each other before the lane merges. Fox CT reports that after the accident, there has been word in the neighborhood that a petition may be circulating in the area to get a stop light or speed bump installed on the road.

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