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School van involved in crash that killed 22-year-old

A 22-year-old Glastonbury woman died in an automobile accident on Tuesday, May 26 just a few short days before her birthday. The young woman, who was headed eastbound just before 5 p.m. on Hebron Road (which is also known as Route 66) in her 2005 Nissan Altima. She was killed after an Access Transportation Dodge Caravan that was used for student transport crossed over into the opposite lane and moved directly into the path of the woman’s vehicle.

The young woman’s car then spun out and hit the left side of another vehicle that was being driven by a 42-year-old woman from Columbia. A 14-year-old was also present in the vehicle.

According to state police, the 61-year-old school van driver and a 5-year-old student who was being transported in the van were also injured in the crash. Both were subsequently transported to Hartford Hospital for evaluation of non-specific injuries. The 42-year-old woman and the 14-year-old were reportedly not injured in the crash and were not hospitalized.

The 22-year-old woman was airlifted by Lifestar to Hartford Hospital, but was pronounce dead roughly an hour following the crash. According to the Department of Transportation, Hebron Road near the intersection of Route 2 was closed until about 9 p.m. following the accident.

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Source: NBC Connecticut, “Woman Killed Days Before Birthday in Crash Involving Student Transport Van in Marlborough,” May. 27, 2015

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