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Take action against insurance companies after a truck crash

Is it time for you to consider legal representation after you have been involved in a traffic accident? For those who have been victims of a truck crash in Connecticut, options can often seem few and far between: Either take the insurance company’s inadequate proffered settlement, or suffer through serious medical conditions without any type of help. What if we told you that you have another course of action? Instead of fretting about your financial situation, imagine having all of the money you need and deserve without having to personally fight the trucking companies.

That is where our legal representatives come in. We understand the danger of speeding or inattentive truck drivers, and we know the havoc that they can wreak in their victims’ lives. Too many truck drivers are on Connecticut roads today with a treacherous lack of knowledge about defensive driving techniques and general safety. Further, existing economic systems push truck drivers to ignore federal trucking regulations, meaning that many vehicle operators are exhausted behind the wheel and at risk of falling asleep while driving.

No matter the cause of your Connecticut truck crash, if the commercial vehicle driver was at fault, the company needs to be held responsible for your ongoing well-being. Suffering serious injuries because of a negligent truck driver is no small matter; you could easily find yourself out of work and dealing with major medical costs. Imagine if all of those woes could be addressed with the help of one person: your attorney.

Adequate legal representation means that you will be able to fight the insurance companies instead of simply accepting their paltry settlement offers. Insurance and trucking companies only care about their bottom line, which means that they are willing to sacrifice your health and welfare in pursuit of the almighty buck. Do not be victimized twice — in the crash and by the insurance companies — by a negligent driver. You deserve better.

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