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Considerations that dictate a course of action for injury claims

Last week, we discussed the severity of accidents that occur between bikes and semi-trucks. The truth of the matter is that all semi-truck accidents can lead to serious injuries. When you think about how large, heavy and fast semi-trucks are, you can see why injuries are likely no matter what vehicle is struck by these large trucks. We know that you need to place your focus on getting back up to par if you were injured in a truck accident. We are here to help you learn about your legal options for seeking compensation for the accident.

We are familiar with the struggles that semi-truck accident victims face. We offer compassionate representation when we are working with you, but we vigorously work on your behalf when we are working with the defendants.

Speaking of defendants, that is one issue that we have to determine when we take on your case. When a truck accident occurs, the cause of the accident can affect who should be held liable for your injuries. An accident caused by a trucker error, such as distracted driving, would mean the trucker is held liable. It might also be possible to name the insurance company or trucking company as defendants in that case.

If a component malfunctioned, such as brake failure, we might be able to hold the manufacturer or mechanic liable for your injuries. If the logistic company’s policies led to the accident, the company might be named.

As you can see, there are several considerations to look into even before the initial claim is filed. We can help you sort through all the considerations to come up with a plan of action.

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