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Damages can vary in motorcycle accident injury cases

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, it is often just assumed that the motorcyclist was doing something unsafe that caused the accident. In the majority of motorcycle accident cases, the other driver was the one who caused the accident. Sadly, a lot of drivers who are on the roadways don’t give their full attention to driving. With the small size and profile of motorcycles, it takes only a second of inattention for a motorist to miss the motorcycle.

We know that you were likely driving safely when you were struck by a motorist. The accident probably caught you off guard. Since you only have minimal protection on a motorcycle, the impact of the other larger, heavier vehicle can cause serious injuries.

Road rash, broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, bruises, and sprains are some of the injuries that you might suffer if you were involved in a motorcycle accident. Each of these injuries can lead to significant medical care that often starts with costly emergency room care. Follow-up visits often increase the expense associated with the injuries from the accident.

If you were struck by a motorist while you were on your motorcycle, you might opt to seek compensation. The compensation you seek might include claims for medical bills, lost wages and other damages. We can help you to determine what damages apply to your case.

Determining the damages in your case is only one small facet of what you need to do. We also have to determine every party that can be held liable for the damages you suffered. From there, we can get to work on building your case. Call or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

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