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What are the worst dangers faced by motorcyclists?

Motorcyclists are clearly at a disadvantage from a safety perspective when compared to normal automobile drivers. Some of these dangers are obvious and some of them are not. In this article, we will take a look at some of the worst dangers faced by motorcycle drivers with the intention of increasing awareness of these dangers in order to prevent accidents.

First, we have the problem of visual recognition. Motorcycles are smaller than cars and this makes them more difficult to see. A motorcycle, for example, might be obscured by another vehicle, by road conditions or bad weather. This is particularly a problem at intersections. Indeed, 70 percent of car versus motorcycle accidents happen at an intersection.

Second, road hazards are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. Something that might just be a little bump in the road for a car driver could send a motorcyclist careening out of control. Debris, potholes, ice, oil slicks, cracks in pavement, railroad tracks and objects in the road could represent deadly hazards for a motorcyclist.

Third, speed wobble accidents are another danger. This is what happens when a motorcycle’s front end becomes unstable and starts to wobble and shake. This could happen as a result of misalignments of the rear and front tires. Sometimes, manufacturers are liable after a speed wobble accident occurs so injured motorcyclists may want to investigate this.

Fourth, a motorcyclist’s lack of familiarity with his or her bike and his or her lack of riding skills represents a serious danger. The less experienced a motorcyclist is, the more likely he or she will get into an accident.

Keeping these dangers in mind when operating a motorcycle can help reduce the chances of getting into a serious or deadly accident. Meanwhile, if an injurious accident does occur, injured motorcyclists may want to consult with a Connecticut personal injury attorney to determine if they have a potential claim for financial damages.

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