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Distracted and impaired trucks can claim lives

Truckers have to be fully aware of what is happening on the roadways when they drive. If they are distracted or impaired, they might be unable to take action when they need to as they drive. These truckers are putting everyone around them in danger if they are driving without being fully cognizant of their driving.

We know that being injured in a trucking accident is a horrible experience. Losing a loved one in a trucking accident is even worse. If either of these happens to you and it comes to light that the trucker was drunk, high, or distracted, you might opt to seek compensation for the accident.

Seeking compensation for a big rig accident is one step that you can take to get closure after the accident. You might still be reeling from the accident and might not be able to stand the thought of having to take on a legal battle. That is where we come in. We are here to represent your side of the accident.

We will look at medical records, driver log books, and other information to put your case together. If there were witnesses, we will speak to them to see what they have to say. We do the footwork for you while you work on healing from your injuries or the emotional turmoil of the loss of your loved one.

The bottom line is that truckers are handling vehicles that can be deadly wihtout proper operation. Even if they think they are able to drive while they are texting, eating, consuming alcohol, or doing other activities, they can’t. You can take action through a truck accident lawsuit to let them know their actions weren’t appropriate.

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