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Motorcycles’ open design can cause traumatic injuries in a crash

As we discussed last week, wearing an approved helment while riding a motorcycle is one step to minimize the risk of being seriously injured when you are riding a motorcycle. You and any passenger on your motorcycle should each wear a helmet, but that is only one of the ways that motorcyclists can reduce the risk of injury. Motorcyclists can also wear appropriate safety clothing, such as pants that can help to prevent road rash. Even with all of the proper safety precautions, there is a still as chance that bikers and their passengers could be injured if they are invovled in an accident.

Bikers who are on the roadways usually take all the precautions they can to prevent being involved in an accident. We know that some bikers do drive in an unsafe manner, but those bikers account for only a small portion of all the bikers on the roadways. Most bikers wouldn’t want to be injured in an accident, and most bikers wouldn’t want to damage their motorcycle.

When other people who are driving aren’t paying attention, motorcyclists are often the ones to suffer. This is why there are so many public service announcements about watching out for motorcycles. The open design of the motorcycle doesn’t offer any protection for the biker if another vehicle strikes it. That can lead to signficant injuries for the biker.

We understand that your motorcycle was your pride and joy. We can’t get it back to its former glory, just like we can’t make your injuries go away. What we can do is to help you get the facts together so you can file a claim for compensation that might help you to cover medical bills and find or build a new motorcycle if you are still able to ride.

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