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Alcohol and motorcycles are an often fatal combination

Riding a motorcycle is something that requires you to be able to have a good reaction time. For this reason, consuming alcohol and driving a motorcycle isn’t ever a good idea. Motorcyclists place themselves in danger when they ride drunk, and they also place other motorcycle riders in their group in danger.

Many people associate bikers with being burly men who hang out at bars, get drunk and cause trouble. The truth is that many biker clubs don’t allow members to consume alcohol until the rides are done for the day and the bikers will have time to sleep off the alcohol before revving the engine again.

When it comes to motorcycle drivers, .08 percent is likely a much higher blood-alcohol concentration than what is safe. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation estimates that even a biker with a BAC of .05 percent is 40 times more likely to have an accident. The MSF warns that the only safe BAC for bikers is zero.

Motorcyclists who are a party in a fatal crash are 2.5 times more likely to have consumed alcohol than other drivers. Bikers who are killed in accidents have alcohol in their system 46 percent of the time. Those statistics alone show that there is still a problem within the biker community. This is a problem that must be addressed so that bikers can help each other to remain safe.

Even accidents that are motorcycle-motorcycle can be just as serious as car-motorcycle accidents. If you are a biker who is involved in accident that was caused by a drunk biker, you have the option to seeking compensation.

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