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Motorcycle crashes can be deadly or cause injury

Even though the cooler months of the year are here, it is still important for motorists to watch out for motorcycles. People who are on motorcycles are at a greater risk of dying in an accident than other vehicle occupants. They are also at an increased risk of being injured. Because of the open design of motorcycles, even accidents that would be minor if they happened to two other vehicles can be very serious if a motorcycle is involved.

Since 1999, the number of fatalities associated with automobile crashes has been on the decline. During that same time, the fatality rate for motorcycle crashes has increased by more than double. That doesn’t even speak of the rate of injuries for motorcyclists in accidents.

One of the things that motorists have be especially cognizant of is making sure they are giving motorcycles the right of way when it is due to the motorcycle. In two-thirds of crashes between a motorcycle and another vehicle, the other vehicle failed to give the right of way to the motorcycle.

It is sometimes hard for other motorists to see motorcycles because of the smaller profile of these vehicles. Around 70 percent of crashes between a motorcycle and another vehicle occur at intersections. Other issues that can make motorcycles more difficult to see include the weather conditions and road conditions.

The cause of the crash is often an afterthought for motorcyclists who are injured. They need to get medical care right away. Once they are back on the road to health, the might decide to seek compensation. At that point, the cause of the accident becomes important because it can impact that claim.

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