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Damage types in personal injury cases

Seeking compensation after a vehicle accident is something that many victims opt to do if the other motorist is at fault for the accident. One of the issues that must be decided upon when you opt to seek compensation is what types of damages you have suffered and which of those you are going to seek. There are several to consider, and which of these you seek will depend on the circumstances of the accident, your injuries and the effects of those.

If you missed work, you might opt to seek compensation for lost wages. This is sometimes an easy thing to prove because you can rely on the amount of your normal pay to determine this. Typically, you can seek compensation for the amount of time that you have to miss for medical care, physical therapy and other similar care. If you were hospitalized, the time you missed then, as well as your recovery time at home, would likely be compensable.

The medical care you receive because of the injuries can typically be considered when you are seeking compensation. You should include the past medical bills, which can include hospital bills, doctor bills, medication costs, therapy costs and other similar costs. You can also think about how much medical care would cost you in the future and seek compensation for the future medical care costs.

In some cases, your pain and suffering are considered a damage in a personal injury lawsuit. This and loss of companionship might be components of a personal injury lawsuit, depending on the injuries that you suffered. Knowing how to show each type of damage you suffered and assigning an amount to those damage types is crucial in these cases.

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