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Drunk drivers claim far too many lives each year

Drunk driving accidents are one type of accident that is horrendous because they can always be prevented. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that the annual cost of crashes that are related to alcohol runs greater than $44 billion. As you think about that number, take a few moments to think about something that no amount of money can ever fully cover — the loss of a loved one in a drunk driving crash.

In 2014, there were far too many children in this country who were killed by drunk drivers — 209 children who were newborn to 14 years old. While those deaths were only a small portion of the 9,967 people killed in drunk driving accidents that year, the fact that they were innocent children is devastating.

There are several ways that drunk drivers can be stopped. One of these is the use of sobriety checkpoints. This can make a small impact on the number of drunk drivers on the road, typically only around 9 percent. Other drivers can report suspected drunk drivers, but ultimately, the drunk driver is the one who needs to stay off the road or be held accountable.

For the families that have suffered the devastation of losing a loved one to a drunk driver, seeking compensation is possible. As previously mentioned, no monetary award can replace your loved one; however, monetary awards can help to cover the financial expenses related to laying your loved one to rest. It can also help you to recover some of the economic damages that you suffered because of the loss.

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