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Why are distracted drivers such hazards for the roads?

A driver uses all of his or her senses to drive. Of these, the sense of sight is likely the most important. When a driver is distracted, there are serious issues that can occur. The problem of distracted driving is one that can’t be ignored. In fact, driver distraction is as big of a problem as driving drunk or speeding.

Are cellphones the only distraction drivers can face?

Cellphones are one big source of distractions for drivers, but they aren’t the only distraction. Anything that takes your attention off the road or that affects your cognitive abilities is a distraction. This is one consideration you thought of previously — the cognitive distractions. These distractions can be anything from paying too much attention to your favorite song on the radio or getting really involved in a phone call while you drive.

What are cognitive distractions?

Cognitive distractions are things that take your mind off of driving. This can be anything — even a hand’s free phone call. If your mind is distracted, you can’t really make the judgement calls that you need to make while you drive. It is important for drivers to keep not only their eyes, but also the mind, on the road. Any distraction can lead to devastation for anyone near the distracted driver.

Unfortunately, not all drivers give their full attention to the road when they drive. These drivers can cause accidents that injure others on the roadways. Those injuries can range from minor to severe, but they are injuries nonetheless. Injured parties might choose to seek compensation for the effects of the accident.

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