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Pedestrian accidents can have catastrophic consequences

Stamford is a busy city that has a lot to see. Many people choose to walk around the city, especially when the weather is nice. If you are a pedestrian, you have to make sure that you are walking on roads that are safe. Typically, walking on the interstate and highway isn’t safe to do. You may have noticed the warning signs on on ramps to the interstate that note that pedestrians are specifically forbidden on the roadway. This is a serious warning because of the dangers that these roads pose to pedestrians.

Of course, there are some instances in which walking on the interstate will be necessary. One of these is if your car stops on the interstate and you have to walk to get help or gas. In this case, you might end up being struck by a motorist if they aren’t paying attention to you. People who try to cross the interstate on foot might also be struck by one of these fast moving vehicles.

Pedestrians who are struck by fast moving vehicles, such as those on the highway and interstate, are likely to suffer serious or fatal injuries. If you are trying to recover from a pedestrian accident, you might feel as though getting better is a challenge. This is understandable; however, it doesn’t make having to deal with the effects of the accident any easier.

You might opt to seek compensation for the damages that you incurred because of the pedestrian accident. You should add up the medical and rehabilitation bills you have received. You also need to think about future care costs, especially if you have a catastrophic injury.

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