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Who can I sue when I’m injured in a tire blowout crash?

A blowout is an event that isn’t always predictable; however, some motorists neglect their tires and don’t have a good idea if they are going to have a blowout. The circumstances leading up to the blowout can determine who injured parties need to turn to for compensation.

There are several things to look at when you are trying to determine who is liable for the accident. Here are a few to consider.

The status of the tire

The status of the tire has to do with whether it is the subject of a recall or not. If the tire is the subject of a recall, you might need to turn to the manufacturer for compensation for any damages you suffered. If the tire wasn’t recalled, you may need to look into whether it was installed correctly. Incorrect installation could lead to the installer being held liable.

The maintenance records for the vehicle

The maintenance records for the vehicle are important because they can show you whether the tires were properly maintained. Were they rotated and balanced appropriately? Were routine alignments done on the vehicle? How long and how many miles have the tires been on the vehicle? All of these questions can determine whether the vehicle owner or another party is liable.

The condition of the roadway

Blowouts might be caused by the condition of the roadway. This isn’t likely, but it isn’t impossible. For example, if a car hits a pothole and has a blowout after, the blowout might be because of hitting the pothole. These incidents can be rather difficult to handle because of the liability issues.

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