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Finding out who was at fault in a lane change accident

Car crashes are serious matters that have a host of causes. One of the primary concerns when you are involved in a car accident is finding out who is at fault and what happened to cause the crash.

Some crashes are pretty easy to figure out what happened. Rear-end crashes are almost always caused by the driver in the rear. Lane change accidents are a bit more difficult to determine exactly what happened.

One question that you have to ask after a lane change accident is which driver was changing lanes. Typically, the driver who is changing lanes is the one who is at fault for the accident. If more than one driver was switching lanes, there might be some debate as to who was at fault.

Another question that might come up is whether the drivers used turn signals appropriately. Drivers who don’t use a turn signal aren’t following the rules of the road and might be at fault for the accident because other drivers around them didn’t know that they were going to change lanes. Not only could the driver face getting a traffic citation, the driver might also face a civil lawsuit for damages that occurred because of the lane change crash.

Oftentimes, lane change accidents can lead to injuries, especially if they occur at high rates of speed. In these cases, the victims of the accident might choose to seek compensation from the driver who caused the crash. This might help them recover some of the money that they had to spend because of the crash.

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