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Teen drivers need clear expectations and good examples

Parents who have teens know that there is some trepidation regarding the teen starting to drive. These parents need to make sure that the new driver or permit holder has all of the necessary tools to drive safely on the roadways. There are several ways that parents can do this.

First, make sure that you set clear expectations for the teen. Make it clear that you won’t allow smartphone use while the teen is driving. Let the teen know that his or her only focus while driving should be on the road. Being distracted by other vehicle occupants, the radio, a phone or anything else could mean that the teen gets into an accident.

Second, ensure the teen has the necessary training. Let the teen drive with you until he or she proves that he or she is able to get around safely. Driver’s education programs are another good way to make sure this happens. As tempting as it might be to let the newly licensed teen run errands for you, making sure he or she is ready for the responsibility is crucial.

Third, set a good example for your teen. Don’t do things when you drive that you don’t want the teen to do. For example, don’t try to run through a yellow light, do a rolling stop at a stop sign or speed to try to get to your destination a little faster. You are the best role model for your teen, so keep that in mind.

Even if your teen is driving safely, he or she might be struck by another driver. Make sure that you know the options that you have to seek compensation if that occurs.

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