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Pay attention to blind spots around semitrucks

Truckers on the roads have to take special actions to remain safe on the roads. Other drivers on the roads have to be sure that they are driving safely around semitrucks. There is a chance that a driver on the road can cause an accident between a semitruck and another vehicle.

One thing that drivers have to be aware of is that there are large blind spots around semitrucks. When a vehicle is in a blind spot, the trucker can’t see the vehicle. This could be disastrous for the other vehicles on the road because the trucker might hit them without even knowing they are there.

The blind spot in front of the semitruck extends 20 feet. This means that you shouldn’t try to dart in front of the semitruck because the trucker might not see you. If he can’t see you, he won’t know if you have to slow down or slam on your brakes.

Behind the trailer, there is a 30-foot blind spot that you need to avoid. On the driver’s side of the semi, there is a one-lane blind spot that extends from the door of the cab to about half way down the trailer. On the passenger side, the blind spot is much larger. It extends for two lanes. It starts at the door of the cab and extends beyond the end of the trailer.

People who are injured in semitruck crashes must determine what caused the crash. If another driver driving in the blind spots was the cause, that driver might be the one who is liable for the damages of the crash.

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