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Motorcycle riders should enjoy the changing seasons with caution

Motorcycle riders have a unique vantage point from which they can enjoy the sights and colors of the changing seasons. When fall hits, there are many different routes that bikers can take to enjoy nature’s beauty around the Stamford area.

Anyone who is heading out on their motorcycle needs to ensure that they are ready for the autumn riding conditions. There are a few hazards to think about, so make sure you are prepared to handle these if they come up during your adventure.

This is the time of year when deer are more active than any other time. You have to be prepared for these fast animals to cross the road near you. Look as far in advance of your motorcycle as possible when you ride so that you have a better chance of avoiding deer if they are heading your way. Deer tend to be the most active from dusk until dawn, so if you are out riding during this time, you must be extra cautious.

Another hazard that you are facing is falling leaves. Dew and rain can make leaves wet, which will make them slippery. Additionally, leaves can hide potholes and uneven pavement so it is best to use caution if you have to ride over them.

The risk that comes from other drivers on the roadways doesn’t end in the fall months. Be vigilant when you are around other vehicles in case you need to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

You might not be able to prevent all accidents. If your motorcycle is struck by another motorist, you might choose to pursue legal action to help cover the damages of the crash.

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