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Safety sensors can give a false sense of security

Many new vehicles come with safety sensors that can help prevent accidents. These sensors are set to work optimally in good weather; however, you will have to make a plan to keep them clean when the roads are nasty.

The automatic emergency braking system and forward collision warning system have sensors you need to keep clean. These systems rely on sensors that are usually mounted on the front of the vehicle. You have to make sure that these sensors don’t have ice buildup or road grime. They must be clear if they are going to sense obstacles that would require the vehicle to stop.

You can find the location of the sensors in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Make sure that you don’t focus only on the front-facing cameras. The blind spot monitoring system has sensors located on the rear body quarter panels. Rear view cameras are usually located on the back bumper of the vehicle or near the license plate.

In most cases, wiping the sensor down with a damp towel is all that is necessary. You might also need to use soap or a cleaner that is recommended by the manufacturer if the sensor is really grimy.

Of course, keeping these sensors clean is only one part of a good safety plan for winter driving. You might drive as safely as possible, but there is a still a chance that you might suffer an injury if another driver rams into your vehicle. In this case, seeking compensation after you seek medical care for the injuries you suffered.

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