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Distracted driving shouldn’t derail safety for truckers

People who are on the roads on a daily basis shouldn’t have to worry about commercial truckers driving while they are distracted, but this happens quite often. It is estimated that overall, around 87 percent of vehicle crashes have distracted driving as at least one contributing factor.

Trucking companies should do their part to ensure that their drivers aren’t operating a rig while they are distracted. In order to do this, they must know exactly what can lead to distracted driving.

Some people don’t realize that the obvious reasons for distractions, such as cellphone use and eating food, only account for some that might lead to crashes. Personal grooming, putting on makeup and adjusting the climate control can also lead to an accident. Even reaching for the paperwork for a load can cause problems.

Other reasons for distractions aren’t as obvious. Truckers who don’t get enough rest might become distracted. In some cases, they might be hypnotized by the road if they are already fatigued. They might also be distracted by billboards and advertisements on the roadways.

Some drivers can be distracted by their thoughts. For example, if there is something going on at home while they are out on a run, they might have their mind focused so much on the matter that they aren’t paying attention to what they are doing when they drive.

The one key that pulls all distracted driving cases together is that the trucker isn’t giving his or her full attention to the road. When distractions lead to accidents, the victims might choose to seek compensation for the damages they have to deal with.

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