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Are teen drivers more dangerous than other drivers?

Many teens look forward to the day when they can get a driver’s license. What they might not realize, at least at first, is that getting your license doesn’t mean complete freedom. There are specific limitations that come with getting your license as a teen. These are in place for good reason.

Teen drivers just don’t have the experience that they need to be able to safely operate a vehicle. There are some very real hazards that they face when they are behind the wheel.

What are some of these hazards?

Two of the most common hazards that teens face are two distractions that occur within the vehicle. One of these is their phone and the other is other passengers in the vehicle. This is one of the reasons why many states have passed laws forbidding teens from using a phone while they drive and why they have limited the number of other people in the car when a teen is behind the wheel. Other hazards include the radio, billboards and anything else that takes the teen’s mind off of their driving.

Are there any times when teens are more likely to crash?

Teen drivers have a higher risk of being in an accident from Friday through Sunday and from 3 in the afternoon to midnight. This increase is something that parents should be aware of so that they can make sure the teen is driving safely or staying off the road during these times.

When a teen strikes an innocent person, that person might choose to seek compensation. This is especially true if the accident led to serious injuries.

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