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Motorcyclists must ensure they are ready for spring rides

The spring is here and it is time for motorcycle enthusiasts to start planning their first rides of the season. Before you leave the house on the open road, make sure that you and the motorcycle are up for the ride. This could prove to a point that saves your life.

When you are getting ready for the spring ride, you need to make sure that your motorcycle is in good condition. This means that you check the brakes to make sure they are operating properly. You also need to check the steering, stability, lights and tire pressure.

After you make sure that your motorcycle is ready to ride, check yourself. Make sure that you that have a helmet that is roadworthy and that fits properly. You should also wear suitable shoes and clothing that can help reduce the risk of road rash if you are thrown off your motorcycle in a crash.

Because low visibility is an issue that plagues motorcyclists, make sure that you have reflective or bright clothing. You want to make sure that other motorists can see you as you ride around. This is especially important if you will be riding from dusk to dawn.

As you ride, remember that other drivers might not be fully acclimated to having motorcycles on the road again. You should do all you can to remain safe, but remember that you aren’t liable if another car slams into you. If you are involved in a crash, seek out medical care and be ready to take action to recover financially from the event.

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