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Trucking safety matters this 4th of July weekend

As you are making plans to head out for the weekend, remember that the roads will likely be very busy because of the upcoming 4th of July holiday. You need to take the time to plan your routes and make sure that you leave time to drive safely on the way.

For some drivers, the desire to rush makes them take unnecessary risks while they drive. They might not realize it, but they are putting other people in danger when they try to squeeze in front of a semi-truck or weave in and out of a traffic when things are moving slowly on the interstate.

People don’t think about how the weight and size of these trucks impacts the distance they need to stop. When a fully loaded rig is moving at 65 miles per hour, the truck will need 525 feet to stop. This doesn’t leave room for cars to try to zip in front of the truck to try to switch lanes or get off at an exit at the last minute.

All drivers need to remain respectful of semi-trucks when they are on the road, especially when other vehicles are around. There is a chance that one driver trying to squeeze in front of a trucker might lead to an accident. In some cases, the trucker might try to swerve away from the vehicle that cut in and end up hitting another car.

People who are struck by semi-trucks need to determine who to hold accountable for the crash. There is a chance that the answer might not be the trucker, but instead, the person who cut the trucker off.

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