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Causes of semi-truck crashes can be difficult to determine

Looking into the possible causes of a semi-truck crash makes it evident that these cases aren’t always clear cut. There are many different ways that these accidents can occur. Determining the exact cause can be a challenge, but this is one thing that is necessary when you decide to seek compensation for the crash.

We realize that you might not know where to start with this part of the case. We can help you review the evidence at hand to determine how to move forward with the case. You need to think about a variety of things in these cases. Not only do you need to know the cause, you also have to find out who must be held accountable for the wreck. This party or parties will be named as the defendants in your case.

Filing a claim for compensation also requires you to determine the monetary amount of damages you have suffered. This goes far beyond just the basic medical costs associated with the accident. You have the consider the money you might have to spend in the future for this care. Damages for pain and suffering, emotional damages and loss of earning capacity also might be possible.

When you are facing this situation, you need to make some decisions about how you are going to react to this. You don’t have long to decide since you are bound by the statute of limitations of Connecticut. This is two years from the accident, so be sure you plan accordingly. We are here to help you along the way.

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