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Beware of common autumn hazards for motorcyclists

There are a few changes that you need to make when you are going to ride your motorcycle during the autumn months. These come because of the new challenges that you face but might not readily think about as you ride. Here are some points that you should consider before you venture out.

First, make sure that you are dressed for the ride. The temperature you feel when you ride is a bit cooler than the ambient temperature around you. Even if it is fairly comfortable when you stand outside, you should still add some layers before your ride. Additionally, remember to grab your helmet to protect your head if something happens.

Second, watch for leaves on the roadway. When the leaves get damp, they get slick. This makes it very risky for motorcyclists to drive over piles of leaves. While this might not be an issue on the highway, you should be careful in residential areas where people might blow leaves and grass clippings into the road.

Third, look for wildlife. Many animals are out more during the autumn months. Deer, for example, are in the midst of their breeding season and are preparing for winter. They are likely to be active from dusk to dawn. Hitting one of these large animals can lead to a serious crash for a motorcyclist. Trying to dodge animals in the roadway can lead to you swerving in front of another vehicle.

There is a chance that other drivers might not be as alert and safe as you. When you come across a negligent driver, there is a chance that you’ll be involved in a crash. Seeking compensation after the crash is something to consider.

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