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Incompetent truckers shouldn’t be allowed on the road

When you are on the road, you expect that the truckers who are on the road around you are properly trained. The issue is that there are some truckers who aren’t properly trained or qualified to be behind the wheel. With the shortage of truckers, some unscrupulous trucking companies might opt to try to skirt around standard training in an effort to keep their cargo moving to customers.

If you are injured in an accident with a trucker, looking at the possibility of the truck driver being unqualified is one strategy to check when you are getting your case together. Incompetent truckers and a failure to complete the federally mandated paperwork are both points that you can use in your case.

While some companies choose to employ drivers with less than two years of experience, some do give these drivers a chance. This can be a good thing for the driver, but it can be devastating if the trucker can’t keep control of the vehicle or is taking action that isn’t safe.

Many things can signal that a driver is ready to head out on their own. Graduating from a professional trucking school, meeting the regulatory guidelines, having a clean driving record and having a good employment history are all signs they might consider.

In cases that call the appropriateness of the trucker being behind the wheel, the trucking company would have to show that the trucker who slammed into you met the requirements to be on the road. This isn’t always easy for them to do but it might not be easy for you to show that the driver was incompetent.

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