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Car crash injury profile: Dislocated shoulder

Many injuries are possible when you are involved in a car crash. One that is possible that people might not think about is a dislocated shoulder. Typically, this is injury requires that you visit the doctor to have the shoulder put back into the correct position. Until you do this, you might suffer from severe pain and loss of use of the affected arm.

The shoulder socket is shaped like a cup. When you dislocate your shoulder, the ball that fits into that cup comes out of it and must be put back. On top of the pain and inability to move the arm, you might also notice that it is swollen or bruised. It might even look odd. Damage to nerves and pressure on them might lead to your arm feeling weak or numb. Muscle spasms are also possible, which can exacerbate other symptoms.

You shouldn’t try to put the shoulder back into socket yourself. Instead, immobilize it and go to the doctor. You can put ice on it to help with the pain if necessary. There is a risk of tearing the muscles, tendons and ligaments when you have a dislocated shoulder. You may also damage blood vessels in the area.

When you seek treatment, there is a chance that it might be able to be put back into place without you having to go to surgery. In some cases, such as if nerve or blood vessel damage are suspected, you might need surgery. Once the shoulder is back in place, you may need physical therapy to help you regain full range of motion.

Once your shoulder is dislocated, there is an increased chance of it happening again. This can mean that you face a lifelong challenge all because of the primary dislocation that occurred due to the force of the motor vehicle crash. You may opt to pursue compensation to help cover the expenses of medical care related to your injury.

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