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Factors that impact semitruck crashes

Semitruck crashes that involve other vehicles are particularly dangerous. There is a chance that individuals who are victims of these will suffer catastrophic injuries. There are several reasons why these types of wrecks are dangerous.

The size of the semitrucks is one of these reasons. By definition, a semitruck is one that has a gross vehicle weight of more than 10,000 pounds. This is much heavier than the normal passenger vehicle, so the smaller cars are automatically at a disadvantage. The semitruck is also much larger with some spanning up to 65 feet long, which is much longer than regular cars.

The semitrucks are also difficult to maneuver, so the truckers have to be very careful when they drive. They need to be able to stop and turn even when there are obstacles around, which can be challenging if they have a wide or unusual load. It is also difficult for them to take evasive actions, partly because swerving can often result in a jackknife.

Another issue is that the stopping distance for the semitrucks is much greater than that of a car. This means that there is a risk of an accident if another vehicle cuts the truck off. The trucker then has to decide if they are going to slam into the vehicle that cut them off or try to swerve out of the way, which could lead them to hit a different vehicle.

When a victim of a semitruck crash suffers from injuries that derail their life, they might opt to pursue a claim for compensation. This helps to reduce the financial burden they feel.

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